Making things that make people’s lives better

Freshly back from WWDC I have a lot of thoughts rattling around about my profession and what the point is. Here’s one.

Apple debuted something of a mission statement in the form of a video in this years keynote.

Designed by Apple in California

I think the most important line in that piece for me was “Until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches.” On it’s face, it’s all kinds of saccharine, but really, it’s the right idea. It’s the right goal.

It didn’t make the keynote, but this point is made even more effectively in a video released after the keynote

Making a difference. One app at a time.

and with a very similar video that did make last years keynote

WWDC 2012 (Starts at about 7:30)

Not every app needs to make you spring a leak, but we should all be striving to solve real problems. Solving real problems is about empathy. It’s about understanding what people who aren’t you struggle with. That understanding won’t just make you a better designer or engineer, it’ll make you better at life.

I’m not saying don’t ever build frivolous or selfish things.

People includes you.

Build things that make you happy and when you can, help other people too.