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Accessible Buttons

Apple provides an astonishingly good framework for making iOS apps equally useful to sighted and unsighted users.

Some preliminary reading if you’re interested:

I’d like to offer a short take on one of the most common mistakes that iOS developers make when they’re not thinking about accessibility, Buttons.

UIButton instances can be a configured a lot of ways:

  • With text
  • With text and an image
  • With just an image
  • With custom drawing
  • Etc

I’ve created a sample project that you can grab to see how buttons can be configured to make sure that iOS’s Voice Over framework can see what that buttons content and purpose is.

Grab the code, give it a look, and remember these takeaways:

  • Set the buttons title any time you can
  • If you can’t set the buttons title, set its accessibilityLabel
  • A picture of text, is not the same as text if you’re not sighted